Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps

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Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps

Tree removal can be one of the most annoying parts of yard maintenance routine for any homeowner. You have to hire an expert tree removal company to do the task, and the process doesn’t end there. A majority of tree removal companies don’t include stump removal in the price of tree removal. You have to pay extra to get that annoying and useless stump removed from your yard.

Leaving the tree stumps in your lawn just to save a few bucks isn’t a wise thing to do, because sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with the tree stump. Removing a tree stump is entirely different from cutting down a tree, because it has its own complexities.

Here are some reasons to why you should get your tree stump removed by a reputable company providing tree care in Fresno.

They Start Rotting Over Time

If your leave your tree stump behind after getting the tree removed, you’ll soon notice that the stump has started to rot. This will cause the tree stump to attract lots of pests. While this is a natural process, you won’t Ideally want this to happen if you want to make sure that your lawn stays health and favorable for enjoyment.

A rotten tree stump can attract wood eating insects as well, and if the stump is located near your house, these insects can start damaging your house as well.

They Can Make Your Yard Look Ugly

While trees always make your lawn look great, tree stumps are not like that. They don’t look pleasing to the human eye, and they can make your yard look disproportionate.

Tree stumps can also create a big tripping hazard for children and the elderly living in your house. So, you should get the tree stumps removed right after removing the tree.

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