What You Can Put Down Your Garbage Disposer?

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What You Can Put Down Your Garbage Disposer?

Despite the strict usage guidelines that come when we purchase a new garbage disposal unit, we don’t think twice before flipping that disposal switch on. If you have kids in your house, then you should always take caution while operating the disposal machine because you might find unwanted utensils down there. These solid items would not only damage the blades but they can even cause the machine to break down instantly. From eggshells to skins of citrus fruits, there are various items that you can freely throw down the garbage disposal without worrying about putting any excessive pressure on the grinding system.

You can always throw the coffee grounds into the garbage disposer, as long as they are small in quantity. Large amounts would not only potentially block the drain pipes but the oils inside them can accumulate around the pipelines – which can, later on, act as an obstruction for leftover items. Small meat chunks and bones can always be thrown down the disposal unit, and they would ensure that your machine stays in top-notch shape by giving its blades the opportunity of crushing down small items. If you are looking for the best garbage disposal to purchase, then you can find unbiased reviews on the webpage now.

You can place most of your fruits and veggies in the disposal, as long as they are not too fibrous for the blades to handle. For high-fiber content items, you can always use the compost to get rid of them in a safe manner. Using cold water would also be beneficial for the lifespan of the disposer, as it would solidify all the buildup of grease and oil around the drains. You can, later on, remove those solid deposits of fat and grease in the drains before running your disposal unit.

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