Some Legalities of The End of Tenancy Cleaning Process

Some Legalities of The End of Tenancy Cleaning Process

End of tenancy cleaning is a nice practice to leave a property on a positive note and making your landlord happy. It would help you a lot if you ever decide to move back to same property again. But there are certain legalities of this process that you must know. You have your own rights too and here’s how to defend them effectively.

The Landlord Can’t Force You to Hire Professionals

Many professional cleaning companies provide their services in the Camberwell area, and you can choose any of them for end of tenancy cleaning Camberwell. But its up to you to either hire a cleaning company or choosing to clean the property by yourself. A landlord has no right to force you into hiring a cleaning company. But if you fail to deliver a comparable quality cleaning, the landlord has the right to hire a cleaning company, and charging you for that.

These type of things and points are usually listed on the tenancy contract, so, make a checklist and make sure you leave everything as is previously was before leaving to avoid any disputes.

Deposit Disputes

Deposit is usually the amount of money your give your landlord as a security to live in their property. At the end of the tenancy contract, your landlord usually gives you back the deposit amount in full.

But end of tenancy cleaning is the cause of over 56% deposit disputes. If the landlord gets a dirty property back from you, he’ll hire a good cleaning company and would cut the bill from your deposit amount. So, it’s always a wise option to hire a good cleaning company yourself and getting the cleaning done before you claim your deposit, because if the landlord hires the company, he’ll go for more expensive options just because it won’t cost him a penny.

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