Is Photographing Light in Street Photography Wrong?

Is Photographing Light in Street Photography Wrong?

Photography is something that has evolved a lot over the past couple of years. Evolution has led to the point where we can say that photography is nothing short of art anymore. The one form of photography that has amassed a huge user base is street photography, however, even that type of photography is seeing a weird change.

Instead of taking photos of subjects that make more sense, street photography is slowly becoming all about taking photos of light. Which means that photographers are more interested in capturing how the light is falling onto a certain object, rather than the livelier elements in the frame. The picture comes out with the shadows and bright highlights being exposed.

If you know even the basics of photography, it is safe to say that you are aware of the importance of light. Pictures are now becoming more about light architecture than they are about the human element, making a lot of artists seem like they are just spending their time finding the perfect lighting.

Sure, there is a human element involved in the process, but if you look at the photo, you are going to notice how the light is hitting the objects first, and then you would notice the rest of the picture itself.

There are a few reasons why light-architecture has become so popular, and we are certain that it is not a bad thing. If you look at it from the right perspective, you will realize just beautiful they look. However, the problem here is that we cannot really call them street photography.

At the same time, the definition of street photography is constantly changing. The more important thing here is that we must have proper criteria for what is street photography. At the same time, we must give the photos of light-architecture a proper name so people are more aware of what they are doing.

The photography that revolves around light-architecture is a very common style in the new meaning of street photography. In this type of photography, the emphasize is mostly on the mood of the picture as well as the anonymity of the subject(s) in the picture.

I know it all sounds like photography is taking a turn that it should not but look at the pictures that have come out of this form of street photography. They look absolutely stunning, and as the art evolves, there is only one way that it is going to reflect onto the future. Either we are going to see a lot of changes happening, or not enough

With that said, the thing that we are trying to make clear here is that photography is something that will keep changing as the time progresses. The right thing to do in this situation would be to go along with the changes and make sure that everything is going the right way. Let the changes happen because, in all its glory, photography is still art.

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