How to Make a Plumbing Snake Turn Corners

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How to Make a Plumbing Snake Turn Corners

Clogged pipes can be the type of thing that can dramatically reduce your quality of life, and there is a pretty good chance that you would want to avoid having to suffer such types of circumstances to the best of your abilities. Most people tend to assume that there is no way to prevent blockages from occurring, and that instead they need to deal with clogs as and when they occur. However, did you know that preventing clogs is actually a great deal easier than you might currently realize?

This is because of the fact that you can use a plumbing snake which is also called a drainage snake to fix this problem once and for all. The term snake might make you think that it’s a dangerous endeavor, but the fact of the matter is that it basically only refers to the snake like shape that this drainage pipe can take. It is also referred to as a drain auger, and the truth of the situation is that many people in Vancouver tend to use it on a more or less regular basis since they know that it can make clogged pipes a thing of the past.

If you want to make your plumbing snake turn corners to reduce the likelihood of clogs, you need to first turn the handle clockwise while placing the pipe and then turn it anticlockwise to make sure that it is turning the right way. These twists and turns are what allow plumbing snakes to be as effective as they are, and you would want to do this the correct way because it can cause further issues if you are not careful.

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