How Long After Carpet Steam Cleaning Can You Walk on It

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How Long After Carpet Steam Cleaning Can You Walk on It

The whole point of owning a carpet is allowing yourself to walk on it in comfort, so if someone were to tell you that you are not allowed to do that, suffice it to say that you would look at them as if they have lost their minds. The thing is, there are plenty of situations where walking on your carpet might not actually be all that good of an idea, such as after you have gotten it steam cleaned. Steam cleaning is a technique that the vast majority of the industry utilizes, and recognizing the importance of staying off of it after the fact is something that would serve you well.

You see, a carpet cleaner Humble will remove ninety nine percent of the dirt from your rug with just twenty to thirty minutes of hot water extraction, but the nature of this cleaning method means that your carpet will be a little moist. You might not think that this is a big deal, but walking on your carpet while it is still wet will result in the invisible organisms on your feet entering the fibers thereby making it smell like a wet dog at the end of the day.

This period of staying off the rug will not last as long as you are fearing, though. You just need to give the carpet a good twenty to thirty hours to dry, and it is not uncommon for them to dry out in under twelve hours as well if they are given the right conditions. The great thing about steam cleaning is that it uses very little moisture so drying doesn’t take long.

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