How Jimmy John Became a Billionaire Despite His Humble Beginnings

jimmy john liautaud

How Jimmy John Became a Billionaire Despite His Humble Beginnings

The success story of Jimmy John is a source of inspiration for the current generation. Throughout his early life and teenage years, Jimmy’s family kept struggling financially. He was overweight, and he used to get teased for it. His father was not in the best financial position as well, which added to the stress.

Jimmy graduates second last from his high school, and when he was only 19, he chosen to become an entrepreneur , and opened a bare bones sandwich business.

Jimmy’s father made him a deal, he would give him $25,000 and one year to start a successful business, and if he failed, he would join the army. But the investment grew like crazy in the very first year.

Jimmy’s Billion Dollar Business

After many years worth of struggle and opening countless nationwide stores, Jimmy John Liautaud Founder of Jimmy John’s is now a billionaire. Almost everyone in the country knows about his business even if they do not eat there.

Everyone praises the lightening fast service, amazing taste and the delivery option they have. But did you know that Jimmy had previously planned to open a hot dog stand, but he was not able to do it because of the financial difficulties. He then realized that he can start a sandwich business and sell to the college students.

He Learned Everything With Time

Jimmy used to work for many hours, more than most of us ever do, and he kept learning from his mistakes. He learned about all the nitty-gritties of his business with time and kept improving it.

The business is expanding so rapidly right now that a new outlet is opened almost every day. Jimmy sold a majority of his business last year and made his way into the list of self made billionaires.

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