Do Amazing Landscape Photography on iPhone With These Tips

Do Amazing Landscape Photography on iPhone With These Tips

Thanks to the image processing that goes into an iPhone once you take a picture, the one thing that we are sure of is that the phone is capable of taking some truly amazing pictures and that too, with ease. The thing about owning an iPhone is that you can click a picture whenever you feel like, and it will come out amazing.

The same goes for landscape photography, which can be tricky at times but if it is done the right way, you will not have any issues. With that said, in this article, we are going to explore how you can do amazing landscape photography with an iPhone.

Sunrise And Sunset Are Your Friends

If you are looking for some great light that can make your pictures look amazing; then shooting at sunrise and sunsets is the way to go. The light that is around during this time can make your pictures glow by a drastic measure and will make everything look so much better and so much more eye-catching.

This type of lighting is called the golden hour light, so you get a lot of warm, gold hues and they look really good in nearly every landscape.

Backlit Scenes

Another great way of taking some stunning photographs is making sure that the scenes are properly backlit. The more backlit the scenes are, the more color and depth there will be in the photos.

Shoot Before or After The Storm

I know this sounds dramatic but for anyone who is looking to make their photos come out really dramatic, and full of character, taking the shots before or after the storm is a great thing that you can do. Just have to find the right timing, and you are good to go without any issues coming your way.


The HDR on the iPhone is great. It provides some amazing photographs with no effort whatsoever. If you are looking for such a result, shooting with HDR is not a bad option at all. It will give you some amazing pictures full of character and details.

Don’t Forget The Foreground

When composing a photo, the one thing that most people completely forget is that the colors of the foreground matter as well. Light is surely the key, but if your foreground is not properly lit, then the whole picture will look out of place, and honestly, it will not look good either.

Keep It Simple

Some of the best shots that I have taken have been taken with extreme simplicity. You do not need complex equipment or complex frame full of subjects. You just need a good frame with not a lot of subjects and simplicity.

The thing is that the fewer the subjects, the easier it is to make sure that the distractions are not there to make your photo look out of place. It is hard to put it in words, so keeping that in mind, do take a shot, and have a better perspective.

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