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Reasons For Avoiding Strange Baby Names

The name that you give your child is something that they would probably be stuck with for the rest of their lives unless they are willing to go through the bureaucratic nightmare that often comes with changing their name. Hence, you want to avoid unpopular baby names as much as possible. Giving your child an unusual name can cause them a lot of problems, and parents need to realize that these things matter. Your kid is not going to feel special because of their name. Much on the contrary, they are going to feel like they simply don’t belong and this can lead to some serious feelings of social exclusion which is an emotion that no one likes experiencing whatsoever.

A major issue with unique baby names is that your child might get bullied in school for having one. Kids are innocent of course, but at the end of the day the schoolyard is a place that has its own unique politics and failing to conform to the status quo can lead to some kids picking on the offending child simply due to the reason that it helps them feel more normal and accepted by their peers.

Bullying can have a major impact on your child. It can leave them with serious trauma that would take years for them to grow out of. What’s more is that it can impact their performance at school since getting bullied can cause a great deal of anxiety that can be tough to cope with. Save your child all of this hassle and give them a name that other people will recognize, one that would help them fit into society rather than feel like they are weird in some way.

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