Best Credit Card Authorization Form Tips For Businesses

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Best Credit Card Authorization Form Tips For Businesses

Businesses these days often use the credit card authorization forms to charge a person for a set period of time with their consent. But things like ineffective templates, illegal practices and other critical errors often cause charge-backs or even penalties including legal actions from the authorities.

No matter how complex this situation this might look like, you can easily prevent it by following some simple tips mentioned below. So, let’s start.

Avoid Storing CVV

Storing CVV might look like a no big deal to you, but this act alone can cause legal actions, heavy fines and even jail in the extreme event of an identity theft. Big credit card companies like Visa already ban the storage of the CVV in any form whether its digital, on paper or in any other form.

So, avoid storing the CVV of any credit card in any form, because in the case of a data theft, you might end up in jail for failing to protect the information.

Always Include Invoices

For legal reasons and for the enhanced awareness of your clients. Always remember to include details like your company’s name, address, contact information, product’s name, customer’s name and any other details you think would be important for later use. Also, make sales, refund and cancellation policies and ask the customer to accept them before doing any business with them.

So, always complete all the legal steps to make sure you don’t face any legal actions later on.

Don’t Ship to Different Addresses Without Authorization

This is also a big legal issue with most of the companies. Companies often have no legal defense whatsoever when presented with challenges like these. So, if the cardholder’s address and ship to address are different, then have the buyer sign an authorization form permitting you to deliver to a different address. This way you’ll have a legal defense in case anything goes wrong afterwards. Always have all the printables stored in an adequate location to have them ready in any situation.

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