Benefits of Lime Plaster

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Benefits of Lime Plaster

There are lots of different benefits of lime plaster, that’s why plastering contractors usually suggest using this type of plaster in certain applications. Some of the biggest benefits of lime plastering are its breathability and flexibility.

While you can use cement for rendering in modern building where there aren’t much other materials and movement present, lime can be your best bet if you want to use it in an older building with lots of other materials.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of lime plastering over cement.

Lime is Breathable

Lime plaster lets the water to easily pass through it, one the other hand, cement prevents water from passing through it, and can trap water inside. Entrapping if water inside the surface of cement causes it to eventually crack open from somewhere to discharge all the trapped water.

This also causes damp to happen on the walls of your house. While damp doesn’t usually go very high, in some cases, damp went from the basement all the way up to the first and even the second floor. This happens when water can’t find am easy way out from cement. So, breathability of lime makes it one of the best materials to consider for plastering. You should hire a good contractor like KG Plastering for installation of lime plaster.

Lime is Flexible

The main strength of cement is its rigidity, but it can also become its biggest downfall as well. Lack of flexibility in cement can cause many issues, but on the other hand, lime is flexible, and can be used in many scenarios to work better as compared to cement.

Any type of movement in the building structure can cause the cement to easily crack open, and then entrap damp within. That’s why flexible lime is preferred on older buildings which are at higher risk of moving around.

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