A Tip For Tree Pruning Before Winter

Tree Prunning

A Tip For Tree Pruning Before Winter

For most of the year tree pruning is something that you should do rather frequently and there is a pretty good chance that this is the kind of routine that you follow anyway. That said, you should try to change your tree pruning routine based on the season that is currently going on. In summer as well as spring, you should ideally prune your trees so often that the foliage would be rather limited in terms of how thick it has the potential to end up being. During autumn tree pruning just isn’t all that important at all since there probably won’t be all that much foliage to begin with and the same goes for winter too.

However, one thing that you should bear in mind is that in the lead up to autumn you might want to try and alter your trimming practices a little bit after you read more. This is because of the fact that autumn is the season when all of the leaves of the tree are going to fall anyway, and during these months the tree is going to end up needing a lot more solar energy that it can generate food from using photosynthesis. Hence if you think about it, pruning your tree too much during the lead up to autumn might just make it so that it doesn’t get enough of the nutrients it needs which would result in it becoming very unhealthy.

Over pruning in the months right before autumn can make it a lot less likely that your tree would have any chance of making it through the winter and it might just die before you get the chance to enjoy it during spring once again.

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