Wetplate Collodion Virtual Garage Sale

About the Sale

Hello and welcome to our Virtual Garage Sale. What follows are items from my wetplate collodion studio in Los Angeles. Please note that all items must be picked up from Los Angeles-I will not ship. 

Listed below are cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting equipment, accessories and chemistry organized by 'kits'. 

My prices are fair, but I am negotiable especially if you want to group items together or buy the entire collection (Items are still being added- and deleted as sold). 

Please contact me for inquires.

Wetplate Cameras

Orbit 4x5 Monorail view camera with lens, wood case and lots of extras

This 4x5 view camera kit by Burke and James is like a 70's time capsule and ready to go to work. The camera is in great condition and comes with all kinds of extras including a copy of Steve Simmons book 'Using the View Camera'. 

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4x5 Korona View Camera with Tessar lens

Complete 4x5 Korona View camera kit including Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 1:4,5 lens,  back rail and original case.  This camera works well, makes a beautiful image and is ready to shoot. 

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VCW 6x15 Banquet LF Camera w/Lens, Plate holder, Silver Bath and more! 

A complete banquet camera kit at an affordable price and ready to shoot panoramic plates. This teak wood VCW (Vagesswari Camera Works from India) makes plates approximately 6" x 15" in size. 

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8 x 10 Deardorf beauty

This beautiful camera is ready to shoot. All knobs and movements working as they should and the bellows are light tight. I have lots of accessories and lens options for this camera (see below).

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Deardorf 4x5 reducing back

This back is made for the 8x10 Deardorf (above) and allows you to make 4x5 plates.


Deardorf 5x7 reducing back

This back is made for the 8x10 Deardorf (above) and allows you to make 5x7 plates. 



Kowa Graphic 1:9

This Kowa Graphic process lens is sharp and has a range of F9-F90. I used it on my 8x10 Deardorf and it would cover much more. Great to capture a wide angle landscape. Mounted on a Deardorf lens board. It includes an ugly home made lens cap. 


No Name Petzval

Here's a nice brass petzval lens with super sharp center focus that falls off beautifully. I used this on my 4x5 Korona for portraits. Mounted on a Korona lens board. It includes an ugly home made lens cap. 


Bausch and Lomb 20 inch Telephoto F5.6

Here's a big lens that I used for 16x20 wetplate portraits on a camera I made. I also used it on my 8x10 for close up portraits. It has some light haze and internal dust that doesn't effect the image which is tack sharp. Mounted on a Deardorf lens board and comes with an ugly home made lens cap.


Voigtlander and Sohn Heliar No. 5  11 3/4   F4.5

This is a wonderful lens and my 'go to' for 8x10 portraits on my Deardorf. The glass is clean and the minor internal dust has no effect on the amazing image this lens makes (see portrait at the top of this page). Includes a nice lens cap made by Ray at Star Camera Co.


Tripods and Light Stands

Lots of tripods and lightstands available. Info coming soon. 

Tripods and heads that can support large wetplate cameras. 

Chemistry 'Kits'

Collodion, Silver, Developer, Fixer, Albumen, Varnish

I organized my studio into 'kits' each with their own glassware and bins to prevent cross contamination and to stay organized. Below are my working kits already assembled. You will save time and money with this turnkey set up or just add the contents to your existing workflow. Click on each pic to see pricing and details.

Silver Kit

Everything you need to make and filter your silver. Includes 100grams of Silver crystals.


Developer Kit

Everything you need to make developer. I'll even share the simple vinegar recipe for So. Cal weather!


Collodion Kit

This is chemistry and lots of collodion bottles. This bottle is half full of two month old collodion ready to use.

Fixer Kit

Everything you need to make and filter Hypam fixer including a new unopened 5 liter Ilford Hypam jug.


Albumen Kit

Everything you need to make albumen for glass plates and albumen prints.


Varnish Kit

Sandarac and Shellac both included in this kit and all the accessories you need to make your own.

Wetplate Accessories and Supplies

Jody Ake 'In Camera Industries' 8x10 and 5x7 plateholders. Work as they should. $300 and $200 respectively.


These 4x5 film holders have been converted to 1/9th, 1/6th plate and 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 by Lund Phtgrphcs $25 each 


Lund Photographics traveling tanks 8x10, 5x7 and 4x5. Work as they should $65, $75, $85 respectively.

Ring stand for easy hands free chemistry filtering. From Lund Photographics $20

Old Vintage Drying rack for metal or glass plates. Better than the Ikea ones! $20


Seamless Backdrop seen here is great for wet plate. 10 feet wide and roughly 16 feet long.


Minolta IV F light meter in great condition save for a few silver stains on the side. $80

Yep, the real deal and sealed. Brand new bottles of 1 liter goodness for jungle juice or perfect collodion. $25 each

7 Paterson 8x10 developing trays. 2 are new the rest are used for their specific purpose as labeled. $20


2 Yankee 11x17 developing trays. These are unused. 



4 Paterson 12x16 developing trays used for their specific purpose as labeled. 



4 Paterson 16x20 developing trays used for their specific purpose as labeled.



4x5 / 5x7 Rinse 

This DIY rinse bin is a lifesaver and can rinse 40 plates 4x5 or 15 plates 5x7..gravity system water flows from top out bottom. $20


8x10 rinse bin

This DIY rinse bin can rinse 20 plates 8x10 at a time. Gravity system water flows from top out bottom. $20


Eskimo Darkroom

My eskimo 'darkroom' tent is ready to shoot and been modified with rubylith windows.



DIY Darkbox with curtain and safe lights for Car/SUV or on a table. Used in my Toyota Hghlndr.(26"D,36"W, 31"T)  $30


EZ Up Eclipse

The best (and sturdiest) tent to have to control light. Combine with Grid cloth (right) and you have an outdoor studio with perfect light. Sides included.

16x20 grid cloth

This is what gaffers and DPs use to make perfect light in film. It works great for us too. This is 1/2 grid and works well with tenet (left) or on its own hung on a frame.

Black and Red Glass

This is from the original Spectrum factory in Washington that has was closed. 8x10 and 5x7 pieces available.


Metal Plates

Aluminum plates from Main Trophy supply available in various sizes. 


Art Print on Aluminum

This is the famous image of Roger Fenton's wetplate wagon and his assistant. Hang it in your studio. $30

Lens Book

'Photographic lenses of the 1800's in France'. Beautiful and well researched. Sells for $144 on Amazon.  $100

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